LXMI Brand Identity and Luxury Packaging

  • LXMI Brand Identity and Packaging Design

    LXMI ("luxe-me") champions rare, wild, and effective ingredients from hidden pockets of the Earth, where women producers can earn up to 3x average incomes for their harvests. By creating demand for endangered botanicals, LXMI is helping promote biodiversity through sustainable sourcing.

    The brand seal was constructed around the founder's favorite Hindu goddess: "Lakshmi", whose four hands are thought to represent prosperity, liberation, morality, and love—two giving hands and two receiving hands. 

    In all brand communication, we continually set a tone for empowering women to go beyond charity by enabling the impoverished to work (vs. giving monetary donations). 

    Every element applied—including the color palette and typographic selection—captures a balance between luxury and organic, thereby bridging the gap between these two traditionally different audiences. 

    The packaging reflects the terroir that the ingredients were sourced from— the Nile River Valley of Uganda. Also known as the  "Pearl of Africa," this region is represented via the creamy pearlescent paper. The jars are fashioned with a custom molded beveled cap, so that the LXMI product may only be stacked on top of other skin creams, and not below. The seal is embossed in LXMI copper, for an elevated yet earthy appeal.

    Deliverables: Brand Identity, Packaging, Print, Web Design, Motion Design
    Product Photographer: Claudia Goetzelmann
    Logo, Pattern Design: Ammunition Group
  • Every product is labeled with a unique "harvest number," searchable at lxmi.com/harvest – the feature allows clients to trace the origin of LXMI skincare ingredients directly to their sources, and makes the box more interactive.

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