'Ask Dr. Ashley' Social Media Campaign

  • Meet Dr. Ashley
    Mobile Relationship Therapist

  • Phase 1
    BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND — Best Buy In-store Takeover
    For the kick-off of this social campaign, we produced a series of videos that ran on the big screen display monitors in the mobility department at Best Buy stores in order to influence customer decision-making in the crucial “last three feet.” The videos featured our therapist who interacted with Best Buy shoppers by asking them questions, referencing other shoppers, Best Buy employees and their surroundings.
  • TACTIC — Create purchase intent in Best Buy and social spaces
    The call to action on Facebook and Twitter would drive people into Best Buy. For example, on Twitter he might say “Tweet me for world-class treatment and a prescription for a free GPS car cradle kit.”
  • Phase 2
    HOLIDAY SEASON — Real-time Social Channel Interaction 
    Dr. Ashley used his twitter and YouTube accounts to illicit consumer interaction as well as to respond to consumer inquiries. Initially he just respond in text only, but in December he also responded to selected tweets via customized video addressing specific consumer questions or statements. SEE ALL VIDEO at YouTube
  • THAT'S A WRAP — Hope you enjoyed