Citrus cosmic identity

  • Citrus Cosmic Identity

    The Citrus event agency corporate identity is a sequel to the previously created 'cosmic' visual language. Its new visual communication system has a fresh tone that gives up on flat images and moves on to abstract empirical ideas. It needs neither to bluntly report on company’s occupation nor to manipulate and talk in riddles; instead, all attention is paid to the tone and aesthetics that broadcast mood and character. The image is deeply ironical, though — just as a man of the future, surrounded by futuristic interfaces but remaining human. 
  • For that project, we created a library of 3D-objects, a new lettering solution, a photo session for employees, a website and a video exhibition. The signature block made up from 3D objects and lettering pieces is used in 'galactic' compositions — separately, in homogeneous patterns, in dynamics, in statics. The reinterpreted antiqua of the new style in logo contrasts with the geometric grotesque forms of corporate font. Layouts are created with the principles of modular design in mind.

  • Erohnovich Roma, art-direction, design
    Ilya Perevedentsev, 3d, motion graphics
    Ilya Klimov, 3d, motion graphics
    Roman shchyukin, Valery Zaveryaev​​​​​​​, type design
    Alex Kanov, front-end, back-end development
    Masha Ivanova, copywriter
    Al3ne​​​​​​​, sound design
    Typeface used: Merel, The Northern Block Ltd

    Alena Volodyaeva, photography
    Max Rokitskiy, hairstyle
    Lena Zemtsova, clothing design
    Ira Koshkina, make up

    Stas Korecky, CEO citrus