• Goal:
    The goal of this project was to create something new and different using a new style of illustration. 

  • Back story: 
    After I finished school and landed a job in the industry; I found there was a void. In school, we are pushed to be creative but working in-house I'm given a set of rules I must follow while creating. Now I find myself wanting to explore new ideas and styles of feed my creative nature.
  • Research:
    In looking for a style, I landed on some screen printed illustrations DKNG created. Simple illustrations using four colors with one main subject centered.
  • Since this is election season, I found myself wanting to be American again. LOL. With so much negativity I just wish we had a sign of truth and justice. So in researching a subject I came across the Statue of Liberty. 
  • After searching for a few days, I finally found the proper section of Lady Liberty. The Torch. 
  • After a few good drawings, I was finally able to create one I liked.
  • Working in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Thanks for watching!