Alliance Theatre 2012/2013

  • A collaborative pro-bono project with Mark Sorenson, Creative Director & Jessica Mullis, Art Director; We each designed posters for individual shows for Alliance's 2012/2013 season. The designs were integrated into the overall layout of the program guide, at a final size of 10.5"x14".
  • Wanting to stay away from traditional Dickensian imagery, I decided to focus on Ebenezer's descending journey into his mind/soul. I used an illustration style inspired by the amazing Saul Bass to simplify and emphasize the message of madness. 
  • The Chalks is foot stompin' Country Musical about a trio of sister singers who got in a bit of trouble when their last show got quite out of hand. Formerly at the top of the charts, the sisters have seen better days and are trying to get their career back on the right path. I used a scripted handwriting font to create a 'hand painted' sign for the signers.
  • Tony Award winning 'What I Learned in Paris'  is an "Atlanta love story" taking place in the highly political summer of 1973. I used some truly groovy type combined with vintage photography of Peachtree St and an illustration of our sultry main character to convey the many facets that have made this play an award winner.
  • A true childhood classic. I scanned construction and other paper stocks to create the texture for this family friendly play.