• embark: origins

    The sooner a new brand can connect with its audience, the better its chances for success. Embark offers DNA test kits for dog owners. There’s science, lots of it, but also a healthy sense of play. The brand we created captures this duality with a bold, iconic form and a winking tone of voice. The variable logo showcases the differences between dog breeds but also their common ancestry.

    Created while Creative Director at MetaDesign.

  • "MetaDesign did an absolutely amazing job of distilling our thoughts and plans for Embark. We're thrilled with the final product, and would definitely recommend Meta to anyone looking for help in creating a cutting-edge brand."
     Dr. Spencer Wells, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

  • Creative direction: Lindsay Gravette
    Design: Brady Boyle with Sofia Llaguno and Chin Lee
    Video: Mike Slane
    Photography: Arnold Wells