Birth of Delhacienda

  • Collaboration Mastered, Delhacienda
    Illustration, Digital Collage, Graphic Design, Art Direction

    This was originally created for Instagram’s 3-columned tile layout but also exists as a 24” x 36” print. This project was initiated for close collaborators Delhacienda, comprised of fashion design duo Dru Acosta and Omar Cisneros. Essentials documented Delhacienda’s first hand-made collection shooting with popular Instagram model Josephine Pearl Lee. This project was photographed at a rose garden in LA to signify the rejuvenation, creativity, and fertility of spring. The final images are digitally collaged with botanical illustrations and insects.

    Part of Collaboration Mastered's The Future Belongs to Outsiders project. 

    ArtDirection by Essentials
    Photography by Fabian Villa & Nina Hawkins 
    Fashion Design by Del Hacienda 
    Model & HMU Princess Gollum 
    Lighting by Steven Casanova 
    Graphic Design and Collage by Misa Yamamoto & Sixto-Juan Zavala