Clariza Treviño

  • Clariza Treviño
  • Brand Development & Stationary
  • Clariza Treviño is a personal branding for an image consultant. Which also provides professional makeup and hairstyle services. Her work is a distinctive extension of female nature.

    The brand is constructed around a very feminine and delicate concept. The lettering's silhouettes play around space in with a coquettish trace. Every element applied —including the color palette and typographic selection— captures a balance between feminity and professionalism.

    All over the brand communication, the brand sets an empowering tone for women. Clariza Treviño believes that her work serves an intermediate for encourages self-care and esteem.
  • Letterhead.
  • Business card.
  • Alternate lockup.
  • Double sided business cards.
  • Event invitation.
  • Monogram.
  • Details.
  • Gift card.
  • Quote format.
  • Editorial layout.
  • Typographic details.
  • Appointment book.
  • Stationary.
  • Brand usage.
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