• NSI is the leading manufacturing and engineering services company in the world for ultra high purity gas and chemical delivery systems. The new NSI identity visualizes gas and liquid engineering symbols in a dynamic sphere. From print collateral to lab wayfinding signage, and digital presence both online and in B2B media, these waves in the bold black/white/yellow/grey color palette differentiates them from all competitors with a memorably distinct look and feel.
  • CREATIVE / ART DIRECTION: Mark Dusk, Sarah Rose Andrew, Corey Koberna
    DESIGNERS: Mark Dusk, Sarah Rose Andrew, Corey Koberna
    FILM: Corey Koberna, Evan Gütt, Mark Dusk
    EDITOR: Mark Dusk
    WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT: Johnathan Curry, Shawn Northrup, Michael Zahendra
    3D ARTIST: Andrew Zielke
    MOTION GRAPHICS: Corey Koberna, Mark Dusk