It's OK Portfolio Newspaper

  • This is a limited edition promotional tabloid newspaper that showcases a selection of design work created by Ozan Karakoc and Ozan Karakoc Design Studio, Inc.

    It's OK Newspaper also covers the values of the studio (It's OK / It's Not OK), a list of its creative services and contact information. It's printed on 55gsm newsprint paper.
  • It's OK.
    You can be a big player or a start-up.

    You’re a small client, thinking that our services might be too much for you. Or you are a big client, thinking that we might not perform as good as a multi-national branding and advertising agency. Either way, it’s OK.

    We have experience working with both types of clients. We worked for global companies such as Pepsi, Mucinex, Carlsberg, Turkish Airlines, Hilton, FIBA, Godiva and many more. On the other hand, we created strategic and visual solutions for numerous start-ups and small businesses, too. We ‘care’ for the jobs we get. Our primary motivation is to create something that we feel proud of. No matter how big, or how small it is, quality and dedication are what really count.
  • It's OK.
    We're your partner. Not a contractor.

    We believe that good branding and effective advertising require more than being a service provider. It requires being a 'partner'. It requires listening to the client, understanding needs, pro-actively questioning opportunities and doing all those with genuine care. How much do you care for your business? That’s how much we do for you.

  • It's OK
    ... for each party to educate each other.

    Psychological therapies work not because the therapist knows you better than yourself, but because they are able to teach you how to manage your life. Strategic Branding is pretty similar to psychological therapy. You educate us about what you do and who you are, and we educate you about how to think and how to discover your brand story.

  • It's OK.
    If you don't need it, we tell you that.

    We don’t offer ideas that we haven’t tested on ourselves. We truly love what we do and ‘branding right’ is our obsession. Once you have such passion for your job, you are all transparent and honest for its sake. If we don’t believe that a certain service won’t help your brand, we never offer that to you.

  • It's Not OK
    ... to judge or criticize the client.

    We are a design studio who cares about clients that genuinely care about their clients. That’s why we act not as a service provider but as a true partner. We listen to but don’t judge them. We understand but don’t criticize them. We help them to develop, but don’t force them to become something that they are not. And above all, we believe that design can change the world.

  • It's Not OK
    ... to make a promise you can't take.

    ‘Can-do spirit’ is in our character. With high experience and positive attitude, we help our clients develop, and reach their true design potential. While doing that, we give priority to honesty and transparency. We work fast but we don’t accept unrealistic deadlines. We are multi-disciplinary, but we don’t accept certain types of jobs that we are not fully experienced in.

  • It's Not OK
    ... to ignore our community and our planet.

    We always do our best to support our communities and our lovely blue planet. We love working with people who genuinely care for their employees and clients, as well as their environment. With our publications, articles and social media presence, we help design students get inspired, discover new techniques and become better in every way.

  • It's Not OK
    ... to blame anyone and escape the responsibility.

    No brand’s story is a fairy tale. Even the most successful ones know what a crisis is. We believe that in every crisis lies the seed of an opportunity. We don’t blame. We take responsibility, think hard, work hard and cooperate.

  • ... your logo, by itself, can decide what people feel about your brand.

    The best logo is not necessarily the most beautiful one. It is the one that gives the viewer the right clue about your brand, immediately and consistently. Logos can tell a lot about a product, a service or a company. A carelessly designed logo can cause your real target audience to stay away from your brand.

  • Sometimes, an image is worth a thousand words.

    A good design serves for that. A billboard, a movie poster, a magazine ad, a book cover or a one-page flyer handed to you by a stranger on the street. No matter how big or small it is, the image on it can grab your attention and convince you to read the message it aims to deliver.

  • ... If your product or service is represented by the right image, it helps you in every aspect. If not, it can significantly harm your brand reputation. Design is a serious business. Make sure that It’s OK to trust the designer or the studio you choose.
  • "Good design is the one that tells a story."

  • Interested in telling your brand's story?
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