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    Brief: Create an opinion website which expresses a strong personal view that might be controversial. The website had to be 60% text, and 90% of the text had to be live html. I chose the topic “Traditional values over liberal life style” and wrote all the contents. Basically, this site compared traditional Korean values with Western values. 

    Objective: Express my personal opinion through a website. 

    Design: Since the main target audience was twenty somethings, I wanted to use bright, fun colors and make it playful. Based on the topic, ‘Traditional lifestyle’, I used a grid as a background motif and made typefaces for each sub-topic’s main page. 

    Moreover, in the the 'Do’s and Don’ts category, I created a function that allowed viewers to see the subtitle and text when they hovered the mouse over the title. They could then click over to the whole text if they wanted to read it.  I decided to make this 'preview' function because the text passages were very long and would have made the page too busy and complicated. 

    Typeface: Sofia, Adell 
  • http://sunjungparkop04.businesscatalyst.com/index.html

    This project was created as a part of the GR 613 Type Experiments class for the Graphic Design Graduate School at Academy of Art University. Some of the content of this work may have images and resources from the Internet. The copyright of those elements belong to the original authors. This project is only for academic and noncommercial display.