Universal System of House-building | website

  • The Universal System of House-Building is a cooperation of designers, builders, concrete factories and manufacturers of equipment for the construction industry. There has been developed and implemented the industrial system of design, concrete production, and construction of buildings of any complexity.  The company is based in Russia; it deals with projects all across the country.

    The goal is to design a corporate website that includes the presentation part, which introduces the company and its business activity, and the commercial part, where customers are able to purchase the ready-made solutions for their businesses and order exclusive design materials for their own projects.
  • After designing several concept outlines, the following solution has been found: making a website that has a strong graphical solution and clear typographics, because there is a big amount of text informing customers about the characteristics and advantages of the company’s products. This way the user should be able to understand all the information and ui.

    The basic composition is the screen divided into 6 parts. This means that the majority of pages have 2 common parts – navigation (i.e. category selection) on the left, and information (product presentation – images, description, etc.) on the right.

  • There is a large amount of textual information that is important to read, so the graphic solution with an emphasis on the text (based on the combination of typography and geometrical shapes), as well as the abundance of product images constitute an essential part of the concept.

    Besides, equally important is the animation of the site and its navigational elements. Everything should work smoothly and progressively, thus enabling the user to easily track the emergence of elements.

  • Mobile version has the characteristics similar to the desktop version. First of all, it is the readability of all the text on the website, and secondly, the smooth animation, preloading pages, and so on.
  • Web design, UI/UX — Kochurov Evgenii.
    Video (home screen presentation) — Dmitrii Krylov

    We would like to thank the company's "Frame technology" for the productive approach to the site development and fruitful cooperation.