Path by Plywood

  • Path by Plywood
  • Services: Branding, Visual Identity, Naming and Messaging, Art Direction, Brand Style Guide, Animation + Motion Graphics, Print Design, SquareSpace Website Design + Build
  • Path by Plywood is a 6-week, community-driven learning experience designed to help creatives, entrepreneurs, and activists find purpose-driven work. This digital curriculum features custom video content, eBooks, questions, and group discussions that help motivate the students to go from dreaming to doing. Plywood approached me to help name, develop core messaging, and design the visual identity system for the program.
  • Client: Plywood People
    Art Director, Designer: Russell Shaw
    Production Designer: Ben Farnham
    Creative Director: Jeff Shinabarger, Founder of Plywood People
    Producer: Kayla Stagnaro
    Producer’s Assistant: Brandon Carter
    Interview and Keynote Videos: RCR Video Marketing Group (Raymond Wood)
    Story Videos: Up & Up Films (Anthony Althauser)
    Promotional Print Production: Cotton & Pine Creative (Special Thanks to Steven Lambert and Neil Weisenfeld)
    Path by Plywood is powered by Understory.
  • The visuals – from logo to icons to the art direction on the motion graphics in the video titling – are all driven by a maze-like line that follows a path to create a complete image. The identity also features patterns of intersecting lines, shapes, and colors that abstractly represent community and following a set path.
  • The unique, responsive website design takes the user through all of Path by Plywood’s features and provides enrollment portals for individuals and teams. I designed and built the experience on SquareSpace so that the Plywood team could take the reins after the launch.
  • A square newspaper was designed, printed and distributed to attendees at Plywood’s annual conference, Plywood Presents, as a promotion of the new digital curriculum. Cotton & Pine Creative handled the print production. A template notes page was also designed for note-taking during each section of the curriculum, as well as an eBook and printer-friendly template for each section’s long-form articles.
  • The resulting brand identity is fresh and inviting. One of the biggest goals of branding a “curriculum” was making sure that it did not come across as boring. Instead, Path by Plywood presents itself as a new, innovative, and engaging way to learn.

    “I only have good things to say about working with Russell. He created a strong identity for our newest project, Path by Plywood, that needed to blend well with the identity of our organization, Plywood People. He's extremely creative, and the process from start to finish is very clear. Working with Russell is working with the best.”
    — Kayla Stagnaro, 
    Producer, Path by Plywood
  • I worked with the video teams on titling and motion graphics packages for the curriculum's videos, from which a promotional trailer for the series was also cut.

    The interview and keynote videos were shot, directed, and produced by RCR Video Marketing Group, and the story series videos were shot, directed, and produced by Anthony Althauser of Up & Up Films.