Selfie-less | Branding

  • Selfie-less  |  Branding project
    A school project for Academy of Art University
    Branding, Art direction, Graphic design
    The Selfie-less project came from research shoing that too many selfies can lead to emotional issues and these problems can be treated through mental health care programs and healthy living alternatives. 

    By suggesting moderation and healthy lifestyles, this brand encourages people to put down their cameras, step out of ‘cyber-reality', see their true selves, and enjoy every moment. 
    This project includes: the visual identity of Selfie-less, a Selfie-less poster series, a short movie, an exhibition, and a Selfie-less food truck event
  • Selfie-less
    To re-connect people to the real world, create real communication and unity, and promote healthier lifestyles.


  • Selfie-less poster series
    The three title words ‘SEE, LIE and SELF’ all come from the word SELFIE.  The words suggest these ideas: 1) See how beautiful you are. 2) It’s a lie that the number of 'likes' equals self worth, and 3) Enjoy your self without your camera.

  • Selfie-less short movie: Two are Better than One
    Life is full of activities that are better when done with someone. The goal of the film is to stop people from being isolated in cyber-space. 

  • Selfie-less exhibition
    The purpose of the exhibition is to encourage people to take fewer selfies and enjoy themselves outside cyber-space. Moreover, this exhibition promotes activities to encourage people to be healthier, both mentally and physically. 

  • Selfie-less food truck event
    An event showcasing the Selfie-less Food Truck with healthy menu items such as the “Say Cheese Burger,” the “Smile Together Salad,” and the “Selfie Coffee.” 

    The event will be promoted on social media. 
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