SUR/FIN 2012 Print Ad Campaign

  • Las Vegas is Finished
    Without Surface Finishing, Vegas Looks a Little Different
  • After a successful show in 2011, The National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF) announced they were taking SUR/FIN out to Las Vegas in 2012. While the reception was positive overall, the most common criticism was “what does Las Vegas have to do with Surface Finishing?”

    Almost everything, as it turns out.

    Much of the Las Vegas we have come to know and love, could not exist without surface finishing. To highlight this, I imagined what the famous Las Vegas welcome sign might look like without surface finishing. Armed with information from the NASF Technology Advisory Committee I went to work destroying a treasured American landmark in the name of driving website traffic and show attendance! To follow up, I also created ads based around planes and limos to show that getting to "Unvarnished Las Vegas" would prove difficult without surface finishing to guide the way.