Electro/Retro Music Festival Logo/30 Sec Video Ad

  • Building off of last month's mood board and website mockup development, this project involved 3 major phases: event logo creation, animating the final logo, and finally, creating a 30 second promotional video for the event. The initial brief required a logo and 30-second promotional video spot advertising a fictional music festival to benefit a fictional organization whose primary mission is to stop elephant poaching and to end illegal ivory trade.
  • Last month's mood board this project is based upon
  • Initial draft sketches for the event logo.
  • Final 3 logo drafts and refinements
  • After receiving peer feedback through multiple rounds of review, I decided to go with the "rising sun" logo for this event. The next step was to create a 3 to 5 second animation of the final logo. I used After Effects to animate and attempted to create a subtle mix of an '80s style and aesthetic, while maintaining a modern video resolution/frame rate (60fps) and crisp graphics. I experimented with a worn VHS recording effect, but ultimately decided that the overall effect was pushing the 1980s look a bit too far. 
  • "VHS" rough logo animation rendering
  • Final Logo Animation
  • Finally, a 30-second video promotional spot that advertised the even was created using licensed music, free stock imagery and video. The final spot utilizes the same mood board and guidelines created last month.

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    Music: Houses by Moby courtesy of Mobygratis.com
  • 6.1.2 Discussion: Logo Design Workshop
    6.2.1 Project: Create Motion Graphics
    6.3.1 Project: Create a Promotional Video Montage
    Full Sail University MFA, Media Design Coursework