PAN TO KOME Branding


    PAN TO KOME is an online media platform featuring Japanese craft products, run by photographer/publisher duo based in Cologn, Germany.  Its main objective is to promote craft makers from Japan to people of Europe.  It features a wide range of crafts from traditional pieces to innovative designs, as well as everyday products.

    Regarding the brand identity:
    I incorporated the brand concept “to connect” using the symbol “+” in a graphical way, binding “PAN (Europe)” and “KOME (Japan)”.

    Regarding the logo mark:
    This logo expresses the initials “P” and “K” as a motif as the target (Europeans) most likely will not be able to read the brand name correctly, since the “TO” is a Japanese word that means “connect”, not an English word. In addition, the outside frame portrays a dish, which also expresses the concept; a platform that connects crafts, craftsmen’s stories, and different cultures. 

    Regarding the logotype:
    The logotype is composed of elements from Japanese charaters.  I incorporated the “tome” and “harai” to where serif can be applied.  
    This also illustrates the link between Japan and Europe.

    I chose the primary colours “Water Blue” and “Earth Brown”, with respect to Japanese craftsman’s philosophy that fine crafts require fine water and soil.  
    This is a gift from nature, which is unique to Japanese climate.

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