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  • Areas:  Strategy, Copywriting, Illustration, Digital Advertising Design, Programming

    Needs:  Omnicom Group asked me to create a monthly e-mail newsletter to drive readers to OmnicomLink, its online information portal. Technically, the HTML code had to be simple enough to be edited internally. Aesthetically, the final product had to be palatable to conservative tastes.

    Solution:  Because the newsletter would be sent to an established internal mailing list, I was freed from deliverability concerns like SPAM tagging and undisplayed images. However, a subdued grid design using the company's house typefaces was ultimately the order of the day: editing had to be user-friendly and the images available for stories would be uniform, but small. So, I decided to place most of the visual burden on a single feature story with bold (yet audience-appropriate) artwork. Some of my original illustrations, photomontages, and text for these monthly feature stories are shown below.
  • Warm wishes:  When Omnicom Group asked me to illustrate "Happy Holidays" in a way that included its international branches, I responded with this homage to Walter Erhard.
  • Off the charts:  Topics with no conceptual hook required fancy visuals to lift them, like this combination of illustration and photomontage.
  • Ear plug:  When possible, I introduced light humor, like this original illustration for the March 2012 issue.