• Madge McKeithen
    Web site UI/UX
  • Areas:  Project Management, Strategy, Illustration, Visual UI Design, UX Design, Programming
    Needs:  The author Madge McKeithen was leaving the United States to teach—and gather writing material—in Uzbekistan. Madge wanted to build interest in her American audience for any books based on her trip…without giving all her good stories away.
    Solution:  McKeithen clearly needed to use social media. A photo blog focusing on Madge's geographic locations was a perfect way to share her travels without giving away her writing. For the design, I referenced traditional Uzbek elements to appeal to fans of travel writing but kept the lines crisp for fans of her New York-centered essays.
  • Cinnamon girl:  The red-brown header with a patterned overlay gestures toward Uzbek suzani textiles and contrasts perfectly with McKeithen's photograph.
  • Garden of verses:  Images tease the reader everywhere, including book covers in the sidebar and on the home page.
  •  Black and white and read all over:  Tashkent is essentially a post-war Soviet metropolis imposed upon a centuries-old Persian Silk Road outpost. So, I balanced the header's references to Persian culture with crisp, modern elements suggesting Soviet poster art, such as blocky type and stylized black-and-white illustrations.
  • Block party: The visual weight of these excerpt boxes gives an air of solidity and import to McKeithen's essays.
  • Alternate sketch 1:  For a more light-hearted design, I made an illustrated map of the country our point of departure.
  • Alternate sketch 2:  For another design option, I wove illustrations of New York life into an Uzbek textile pattern.