• Condé Nast produces a steady stream of online advertisements for its magazines. Its readers are sent so many subscription and promotion offers via e-mail that new offers must be quite loud to be noticed. Yet this loudness must not dilute the luxury brands being promoted. Banner ads require even more calibration: they should exemplify a magazine's brand…but not blend in when shown on its Web site.

  • After immersing myself in each magazine's style guide, I focused on the hues in its approved color palette that provided the most striking contrast with the colors used on its Web site. I nudged layouts out of the page grid whenever possible so that they would contrast with the orderly boxes usually seen on the Web. My work was popular enough that I was asked to work on collateral for most of Condé Nast's consumer magazines, including Condé Nast Traveler, Golf World, GQ, Lucky, Self, Vogue, W, and Wired.