Arts On The Black River - Festival Identity

  • Arts On The Black River is a one day cultural event, that takes place along the most beautiful sections of the Nera River valley aiming to create an interaction between nature, art, wine and food.
    These places are famous because  were painted by "En plein air" painters in their works between 1700 and 1800. 
    Retracing the paths that inspired them, the visitor will discover as in some cases, the view is still the same of hundreds years ago. 
    In this scenario will take place various art performances like music, dance, theatre combined with the best local food.
    We were asked to create the visual identity for the first edition of the festival.
    The identity is based on a fixed element, a big headline, paired with iconic elements of the event (music, river, dance, food, etc.) showed using monochromatic deep blue background images. The wavy symbol represents water and the flowing of time.
    For the color palette we took inspiration from the sky colors during the sunset time. 
    Our aim was to avoid a more predictable choice and emphasize the enchanted atmosphere of the scenery. 
    The event started in the afternoon until late at night, so for the headline we used all the shades that the sun takes from the yellow of noon to the purple of the sunset in contrast with the quartz pink and the deep blue of the backgrounds.

    Project page and italian description here
  • Painting by P.A. Chauvin. 
  • For the front of the business cards we randomly used crops of the images done for posters and brochures.
  • Business card on poster detail
  • We designed six variants of posters
  • Spring water of Stifone, along the Nera river near Narni.
  • Style guide and example of image treatment.