Netflix: Spoilers

  • For better or for worse, spoilers a part of our lives now more than ever. The Netflix model of releasing entire seasons all-at-once has changed how we watch, and how we talk about TV. And their research shows that spoilers can actually enhance, not ruin, your viewing experience. So let's figure out how to deal with spoilers, rather than just decry them. 

    That was the nugget of truth in the brief we got from Netflix. We set out to educate and amuse with a quiz that tells you what kind of spoiler you are, a place to decide which spoilers are "too soon" and which aren't really spoil-y at all, and the mother of them all: a place where you can face spoilers head on and truly spoil yourself. 

    I collaborated on this project as triad with an art director and copywriter, under ACD and ECD oversight. From brief to production, my role was visual designer with some art direction and light UX thinking, but also contributing heavily in conceptual areas — determining how to present the spoiler archetypes, choosing the spoilers to feature, and conceiving of the spoil yourself feature.  

    Recognition was widespread, receiving mainstream coverage from Time, Fast Company, Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and more, including awards like the Cannes Lions (shortlisted), One Show Silver Pencil, Silver CLIO and featured as various industry editor's picks. 
  • The microsite home page design
  • The spoiler archetypes (FB share version)
  • The sharable flowchart that lets you discover your spoiler type, and gives a short description of each. 
  • An apology card created for the Clueless Spoiler to share with anyone he/she had spoiled.
  • Apology card for the Coded Spoiler to share. 
  • Apology card for the Power Spoiler.
  • Apology card for the Shameless Spoiler.