Zeixs 52Aces Limited Edition Three • 6 of Spades

  • 52Aces is a deck consisting of 52 extremely different cards. The basic idea was to have each of these cards individually designed by an international designer or illustrator in their distinct style. Then the unique ensemble, in which a variety of illustrations in many styles come together to form an interesting compendium, was to be presented in high-quality packaging and sold in a limited edition.

    The 52Aces Limited Edition Three is limited to only 999 copies. Each copie includes a certificate with a unique number, and the credits of all artists. The first two editions were sold very fast, and the concept has already been awarded the Red Dot Design Award.

    With established and unknown artists from 27 countries, this poker deck presents a unique cross-section of current Fineart and Illustration Art. Featuring: Clara Ilena, Nikita Kaun, Sahba Yadegar, Max Gärtner, Emi Haze, Hannes Beer, Jotaka Seen Vision, Sam Cox, Dirk Uhlenbrock, Caroline Attia, Dietmar Reinhard, El Grand Chamaco, Elna, Florian Heubach, Takehiro Tobinaga, Sébastien Féraut aka Niark1, Oscar Zalles, Dioz, Charis Tsevis, Sabine Kranz, Rafa Alvarez, Eiko Ojala, Renato Cunha, Din Koscielniak, Mauro Gatti, Daan Botlek,Marc Lynch Digart, Chris Schaarschmidt, Benze,Ben Tallon, Ekaterina Koroleva, Akira Yonekawa, Moritz Blumentritt, Anne Selling, Mark Oliver, Maria Suckert, Patryk Hardziej, Muti, Gustavo Brigante, Vladimir Stankovic, Levente Szabó, Sophie Roach, Mikhail Vyrtsev, Rocío Terceros (Toshi), AKACORLEONE, Van Orton Design, Nigel Sussman, Doro Huber, Maria Martin, Gregory Baldwin, Andreas Preis, Mona Lisa Friedrich, Robert Sammelin.

    The card assigned to me is the "6 ♠ Spades". For the tarots, the Six of Spades shows that you will need to make a regretful transition, as a likely result of the decisions you make. You know that in order to move forward, you must leave something important behind, and while you do this with some regret, you know that in the long-term it is the best option for you. There are times when you will be forced to let go of something to which you have been attached, and the process of letting go is often quite challenging. However, the sadness of your loss will soon be replaced by greater clarity, bringing about a renewed acceptance of change. Do not be afraid to let go of whatever it is that is holding you in the present or the past. Instead look to your future and choose the best option that has the greatest long-term potential. There are going to be some hard decisions and some compromises that you will need to make but this is ultimately a ‘rite of passage’ that will take you into a new phase of your life. Do not dwell on the past or what you have left behind. Instead, use this as an opportunity for changing your beliefs about yourself, moving away from whom you used to be and towards whom you really want to be.


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