UNCLE BUBBLE / Corporate Re-branding

  • Objective //
    Uncle Bubble been in the business in the US for 5 years and are a transplant company from Taiwan. Hold Enterprise, the parent company, is a multi-million dollar company that manufactures and develops bubble toys along with it's own trade secret giant bubble solution. Those who specialize in bubbles (for play) are a very niche group with five major players including Pustifix, Imperial, Unique, Funrise and Hold Enterprise. Bringing this business to the US was risky, though inevitably allowed UB to test the market. One of the many responses have been that, though UB products are popular, the identity lacks authenticity as a premium product and lacks the direction of an "American product." The brand objective is to sever the identity of the OEM business and create a US-centric brand focused on quality, unforgettable and innovative play. 

    Design //
    The design process started with evaluating the logo, brand colors, fonts, visual directions and overall brand voice. The logo went through different stages from exploring options to simplifying the existing Uncle Bubble logo. The goal was to simplify the brand and make it appealing for the approriate audience (kids & parents in U.S). I selected color palette based on my research of in-category and out-of-category competitions. Rounded edges, fluid organic texture and space were the consistent element across the visual guide.