Princeton University Art Museum Microsite Restyle

  • During my time at Princeton University Art Museum, I had the good fortune to work on promotional materials, signage, and a responsive microsite for the exhibition The City Lost & Found: Capturing New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, 1960–1980.

    The microsite had been developed and launched before my arrival, and long before the creative direction had been set for the exhibition. Late one week I was asked to put together a guide for bringing the site more in line with the exhibition graphics, and to limit my updates to what could reasonably be accomplished in a day (the amount of time an outside web contractor would spend onsite the following Monday).

    Not all of the proposed updates were made, but enough changed so the site and the gallery experience seemed more of a piece.
  • The original desktop landing page (upper left) and my proposed redesign (right)
  • The original mobile landing page (left) and my proposed redesign (center and right)
  • Color palette updates
  • New York landing page revisions
  • New York subpage revisions
  • Los Angeles landing page revisions
  • Los Angeles subpage revisions