Sausage Party Main title sequence

  • Sausage Party hilariously brings everyday grocery store food to life in the most over the top, potty mouthed, sexualized and down right hysterical way possible. Watching one of the first cuts to understand the story was by far one of the more interesting group film watching experiences in the studio of recent memory. 

    When conceptualizing the title sequence design it was fairly tall order to try and outdo the film characters bold point of views and story. So we didn't. Instead, we want for a really tongue and cheek explanation of whom each character is in real life with an illustrative food packaging approach. Think of your favorite cereal, hot dog, bagel orrr Capri sun packaging growing up.
  • The most challenging part of this project of all the things in the world besides usual condensed schedules and a few technical issues were the fonts. To really sell the packaging concept, to us every typeface needed to be authentic to the packaging layout it was associated with. 
  • If we were nodding to Bagel packaging for instance, it needed to look of the graphic language we're all familiar with while not infringing on any one real brand legally, nor being too hokey with the typeface choice. Color and graphic layouts helped a ton to set visual languages we all remember and love to make some of those associations.

    Another hurdle with the fonts was that with movie studios and the cast, there is a specific hierarchy to who's font is bigger and in what order based off their role in the movie. With a single font this isn't a problem, but what made it tricky on this project was getting narrow bold fonts to assume the same size as a thin wide typeface for instance. It really just came down to quite a bit of back and forth, tweaking and adjusting.