• UltraMorea
    Branding & Packaging

    UltraMorea is a startup luxury eyewear brand based in Miami, Florida.

    Project goals
    Communicate the company history, values and philosophy through its Identity, thus establishing a Brand Equity.

    Creative solution
    Basically, in this project I create a catchy brand from a simple font-based logo. A brand that will be bright and memorable thanks to its design and visual identity, and will convey the spirit of Miami. I chose two types of background for the font-based logo. The first one is a plain wave pattern which stands out nicely against white, especially white paper. For the second one, I have developed vivid abstract images of flowing water, since Miami is associated not only with hot weather but also with proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, the grey pattern against a white background indicates product luxury, while the abstract backgrounds, in their turn, communicate the unique vibrations of the city.
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