Ukids // Brand Developing

  • Ukids
    Ukids is a company that produces products to educate children to have good behavior. The goal is to encourage parents to be the role model of good behavior, so their children can follow.
  • Logo design
    For the brand logo, I chose two concepts–mirror reflection and using the letter U to be the visual focus. I tried both typographic and icongraphic solutions.
  • Poster design
    For the poster series I chose a persuasive direction. Through my posters, I want to show that kids imitate their parents and convey a message of what parents can do. I used friendly illustration to be the main visual for each poster. There are both parents and kids in the posters, and they all have the same pose. To encourage parents to be role models of their kids, this is the best way to teach 
    their kids good behavior.
  • Brochure design
    I designed three brochures with the same content but with different covers and slightly different illustration for the content of each one. As a result, you can choose anyone you like, they all have a window on the cover and it makes the audience curious about what is inside. The content not only has information about the brand but also it shows why and how kids imitates their parents.
  • Web design
    It is an expanded brochure. On the website, there is more information and it also introduces an event.
  • Card game
    It's an interactive game for parents and their kids. The game purpose is to teach children what is good behavior and also encourage parents to be the role modle with good behavior.
  • How to play
    1) Follow the image on the card, and explain the meaning of it.
    2) Imitate the action on the card and then ask your kid to follow you.
  • Event
    An educational event that helps parents to learn more about kids behavior. In the event, there are activities such as interactive game for parents and kids, and a speech for parents.
  • Flyer & bookmarks