Feeling Good!

    while you check this project!
  • I thought of adding all the subjects mentioned in the song, but it would be way too much (and how would I fit fish in the sea?). So I decided to stick to only a few.
    You may have noticed the sunbeams, the pine trees (on the horizon),
    and the birds next to each verse…
  • Apart from this one
    which was too wild to stay close to the verse
    on which freedom is mentioned…
  • Dimensions: 260cm h x 445cm w (8'7''h x 14'7"w).
  • .
  • .
    In time: This smaller board was designed
    only to be used on this project's cover. 
    Dimensions: 130cm h x 120cm w (4'3''h x 4'w)
  • ... and this is the state I was after the work was finished...
    Messy and tired, but definitely FEELING GOOD!
    Should you want to know more details about the process and progress, 
    please check the WIP. I will gradually add more images to it.
  • Thank you for your appreciation.

    Warm hugs!