John Blacksmith Branding

  • John Blacksmith is a top-producing, top-rated Seattle-area Realtor®. We worked with him to refresh his brand, reflecting his Thai-influenced Zen-like approach to buying and selling real estate in the competitive Seattle housing market. Logo design, branding, marketing materials. You can view his website at
    Collaboration with Rochelle Short, Type A Seattle. Website and copywriting by Rochelle Short.
  • John's approach to real estate is highly personal and well-grounded. He attributes his calm, focused approach to his connection with the Thai culture. We incorporated subtle Thai elements and personal touches in his logo and branding to reflect his approach to buying and selling real estate, while maintaining the connection to tech-heavy modern-day Seattle.
  • Elevating John's brand produced new leads with the first round of mailing. We created a trifold brochure layout to promote new listings and capture potential seller and buyer leads. By introducing Thai-style, yet modern elements, these materials stand out from a crowded Seattle real estate marketplace. Copywriting & project management: Rochelle Short.