• Contextual 
  • Web Design & Brand Development
  • is a magazine style website for thoughtful day-to-day content. Its purpose is to settle the reader in a standing point with perspective of the context in which he's surrounded.

    The website's main intention is to focus on the content and maintain an easy readability. With this in mind, the strategy was to design a user-friendly website with a clear communication.

    The color palette's selection avoids distractions, and helps the reader to identify articles in a subtle way. Clean layouts with outstanding typography allows the user to concentrate on subject matter.
  • Wordmark.
  • Brand voice and mobile grid.
  • Typographic hierarchies.
  • Desktop design.
  • Mobile search interface.
  • Business cards and wordmark details.
  • Brand voice.
  • Mobile and desktop design.
  • Mobile scroll.
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