Units Conversion App Deisgn

  • As an international student styding in USA, Unites Conversion is essential for my daily life. I hope it can be used in a user friendly, lightweight and intuitive way. 

    And after experiencing and doing some  research in Units Conversion APPs in apple store, I found that  the information displayed in front of us is somehow redundant and unnecessary. It builds an inappropriate expectation on us such that they assume we can handle those options as well as developers or professionals do. So I’d like to redesign a Units Conversation App which can make my life easier.

    Why do we need a intuitive units conversion tool? 
    Considering an usage scenarios like this: 
    I am at the head of waiting line of a fish shop, and the staff is asking me the quantity of shrimp I need. Aa someone might wait behind me, I have to figure the conversion from kilogram, which I am familiar, to pound, which the staff is familiar as fast as I can. 

    Do we really need all functionalities in an units conversion app?
    The overwhelming options will exhaust the space on screen and cause a exponential growth in finding "real" needed ones.