Refining a modern classic

  • The complete Sanavi organic-flavored sparkling spring water line
  • New orange mango organic-flavored sparkling spring water
  • Sanavi spring water, also introduced in 2016
  • A year and a half after their initial release, Sanavi organic-flavored sparkling spring water was ready for a brand refresh. 100% All-Natural Inc. wanted to increase the shelf presence of the bottles. In addition, as the flavored water market has grown more crowded they wanted to put their USDA certification right up front and at the same time draw more attention to their brand name. Some subtle tweaking of the front display panel accomplished all of their goals.

    On the store shelf the quiet color gradations group the brand solidly and create a billboard effect.

    As the rebrand rolled out we also introduced a new flavor—the first combination flavor in the line—Orange Mango.
    In addition, the switch to a new printer produced more striking and vibrant labels.