Magna Carta: 1215-2015

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    This project explored unconventional structures. We were asked to study and design a piece for a topic currently celebrating a notable anniversary. My design features the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. The document is a powerful symbol of justice and liberty throughout the world. However, the broad principles it represents are a filtered interpretation of the highly contextual and specific content of the original charter.

    To create a visual metaphor for how our image of the Magna Carta is a transformation of its actual content, I lifted and shaped lines of text from the document so that when illuminated from a particular angle, their projection forms a shadow of the word justice. Modern quotes from legal scholars and political figures replace these lines from the back of the page, some glorifying the Magna Carta for its inspiration and others recognizing its legacy as a symbol. The text is set in a standard legal serif typeface (Century Schoolbook) and contrasted with a geometric sans serif (Century Gothic) for the quotes. The document was cut and folded by hand and mounted on museum board. The heading was laser cut and backed with matching card stock.

    Read more about my design process for this project HERE.

    21.75 x 17.25 inches

    Course: Advanced Typographics Studio, Fall 2015
    Instructor: Dina Zaccagnini Vincent
    Rhode Island School of Design, Division of Continuing Education
    Graphic Design Certificate Program

    photo credit: Allyson Barth and Shane Gutierrez