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    For this project we were asked to research a topic of our choice that could be described yearly and create a system to represent the information. Moon rise and set times are typically calculated algorithmically and presented as a look-up table. However, I discovered that they follow a general pattern that repeats each lunar cycle with a certain amount of variance. When plotted radially, an intriguing and beautiful spiral emerges.

    This calendar shows the pattern and variance of moon rise and set times over a lunar month for Providence, Rhode Island in 2015. The user rotates a transparent dial to align the days of the calendar month with the lunar cycle to determine moon rise and set for any given day of the year.

    Typeface: Gill Sans
    ourse: Thinking Visually, Spring 2015
    Instructor: Cara Collins Buzzell
    Rhode Island School of Design, Division of Continuing Education
    Graphic Design Certificate Program

    photo credit: Allyson Barth and Shane Gutierrez