Desi Animason Pvt Ltd

  • Desi Animason Pvt. Ltd. is a personal project started in early 2016 in order to explore and enhance my skills at animation and motion graphics. Inspired by the Indian vernacular genre of graphic design and Indian Truck Art, I’m creating motifs, symbols and typography using animation.​​​​​​​
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    The name Desi Animason Pvt. Ltd. is inspired by a rather regularly visible funny phenomenon of misspelled phrases becoming a tradition in the Indian street art. The word ‘Desi’ derives itself from the widely used colloquial term for anything that’s Indian. And ‘Animason’ is the Indian vernacular pronunciation of the word ‘Animation’. The lack of basic English education often makes truck painters respell certain words as per their phonetic sounds. Thus, given the nature of this assignment being about Indian Truck Art and the Indian vernacular, Desi Animason Pvt. Ltd. was a natural choice of name for launching the project.
  • Translation: Welcome
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