Interview with Peter Flood

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    For this project I interviewed a design peer and created a piece to communicate his voice while also exploring my own. Peter’s background and passion are in illustration, and he expressed that his art education honed his attention to the details of objects and taught him how to see. To present his work within this context of seeing, I created a French fold booklet and tucked images of his artwork into the folds. The page surfaces feature his interview responses and design work, while cut-out windows direct the viewer’s attention inward to details of his art. A textured background and flowing column structure speak to Peter as an artist as well as the inspiration he draws from music. The pages are sewn with a Japanese stab binding.

    10 x 6 inches
    Typefaces: PT Serif, PT Sans
    Course: Type + Image, Fall 2015
    Instructor: Dina Zaccagnini Vincent
    Rhode Island School of Design, Division of Continuing Education
    Graphic Design Certificate Program

    photo credit: Allyson Barth and Shane Gutierrez