Ternana Marathon Club

  • Ternana Marathon Club is a running team based in Terni. They asked us to design their logo and visual identity.
    For the logo we took inspiration from the Olympic torch, one the marathon iconic symbol, where the torch is represented by the letter T (for Ternana) with a stylized flame on top.
    The color palette is composed by the red and green, colors of the city of Terni and of the Ternana F.C.
    The logo comes in two versions. An emblem-like circular one, with a full color background used primarily on clothing and accessories.
    A secondary one, more synthetic, composed by the torch-like symbol with the typography on the side. 
    The images are used in a duotone soft version composed by red and green.
    The logo is often used dry punched on stationery
    We aimed to create a visual identity based on a strong symbol representing the core value of the athletes of Ternana Marathon Club, using a simple and modern language and a significant set of primary colors

  • info@bocanegrastudio.com