• WSHD stands for a company that specializes is second-hand retail clothing. It is fresh, clean and honest but customers know the item isn't necessarily straight from the rail.

    A retail brand created to be used by anyone who sells clothes. Anyone is free to download and print out labels, hang tags, receipts or anything they need. By creating this brand, I wanted to make good design easily accessible to more people and not just limit it to the more exclusive or luxury retailers.

  • Each items is created so that it can be printed off at home, by anyone, on any kind of paper and cut out easily and be ready to use. Hang tags are simplified so that the item is selected on the tag and the sizing and prices are entered on the reverse side. This saves time printing individual tags per item and each tag has a more personal feel depending on the sellers handwriting and chosen writing instrument.

  • Two things that frustrate me with the fashion industry:
      1. People care more about the labels than the quality of the clothes
      2. There's appears to be a branding standard set exclusively for luxury brands

    The aim of WSHD is to blur the line between luxury and affordable. All the items sold by WSHD are a mix of second-hand and new-with-tags; a mix of brands, from Michael Kors to H&M, and all below $40.  The condition, fit and materials of the garment is given honestly and priced accordingly however the label is never revealed directly to the consumer since I don't want people to judge based off that alone.

  • Stationery items created for WSHD:
    - Hang tags
    - Receipts
    - Gift cards
    - Business cards
    - Three different shipping labels styles
    - Two different letterhead styles
    - Envelopes

  • (Send me a message if you want to use any of the items above and I'll forward you a download link for the templates).