Granoff Center Postage Stamps

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    The assignment for this stamp project was to translate an architectural structure into a series of graphic icons, exploring different interpretations through variations of form. After selecting and photographing the Granoff Center for the Arts on Brown University’s campus, I translated one image into different variations of point, line and plane, capturing properties such as solid and void, light and shadow, accordion wall structure, split levels and gridded surfaces while maintaining the building’s character. One set integrates type into the image plane, while the other uses more conventional type placement. After first working in black and white, I added a classic comic book color palette to compliment the line quality and playful texturing of the illustrations.

    Course: Graphic Structures + Systems, Fall 2014

    Instructor: Anya Lownie
    Rhode Island School of Design, Division of Continuing Education
    Graphic Design Certificate Program

    photo credit: Allyson Barth and Shane Gutierrez