• "Kids Online: Keeping Them Safe!" CyberSafety: Smart Parents = Safe Kids Campaign Trailer
  • cyberia media has been deeply involved with RSA Conference’s ongoing project to educate and promote cyber safety awareness among the world’s children. As part of this initiative we’ve produced content for children, parents and educators. 

    In an effort to make a significant impact in the lives of kids, these Cyber professionals provide information and insight to better equip our communities – parents, educators, and kids – with the knowledge, tools and resources to protect themselves online.  

    Client: RSA Conference/Bruce Porter & Associates
  • Episode 1: "Speak To Your Children" with Dr. Sharon Cooper
  • Episode 2: "Children Deserve Protection" with Alicia Kozakiewicz
  • Episode 3: "Show Me How You Use It" with Lance Spitzner
  • Episode 4: "It's Everybody's Kids" with Michael Osborn
  • Episode 5: "The Confidence To Push Back" with Benjamin Jun
  • Episode 6: "Take The Journey Together" with Dr. Chenxi Wang
  • Episode 7: "Implement A Safe Zone" with Theresa Payton