Burger King 'Dog live America!'

  • American icon Paul Revere has a NEW rallying cry for the countryside.

    FX Creative Services came to Laundry with the unique idea to create an animated trilogy of branded content spots announcing the release of Burger King’s new "Grilled Dogs." It would be designed to air on FXX alongside specific programing that matched the visual style and tone of the content that surrounded it. This series of spots would air during the Animation Domination program block on FXX, and our ads would have to be just as entertaining and irreverent as the show itself.
  • We constructed a 3-part narrative that could play as bite-sized chunks during each commercial break. It would engage the viewer with a continuous storyline that would be exciting to pick back up with and enjoy during the commercials. It's a unique form of targeted advertising designed to organically resonate with FXX's core audience. ​​​​​​​
  • Each episode bridges together to create one continuous “mad dash” of a narrative. 
  • Tailor-making a creative ad.

    Laundry jumped at the chance to tackle this by writing a variety of story concepts that were all wildly out-of-the-box and irreverent approaches to telling a multi-part story about a Hot Dog. We started with 20+ exciting and semi-absurdist ideas to present FX, who pared them down for us to develop a hero 3 for presentation to Burger King. The concept “Dog Bless America” emerged as the winner due to it’s success in three key aspects:

    •Intricate & seamless product integration 
    •Cohesive brand identity
    •Pure entertainment value. 
  • What’s in the Secret Sauce?

    We worked to delicately weave the product messaging and brand so tightly into the narrative to ensure the “advertisement” aspects of the spots would never come on too strong and detract from the story and viewer’s experience. We deconstructed the Burger King and “Grilled Dogs” branding into fine threads weaved throughout the series in an almost subliminal manner. 

  • Our high school football episode reflects the BK logo colors through the red and blue uniforms the players wear as they run atop a vivid yellow football field. Team names derive from the product and brand in The Kings vs The Dogs, and Episode 2’s Wedding takes place inside a church, beneath an ornate stained glass window beautifully reflecting our Grilled Dog product in its panes of stain glass. 

    We sought to give these spots a visual appeal that’s just out of the ordinary enough to captivate a home viewer’s attention. Under the instruction from FX to maintain the driving mantra of "story first" we had the real opportunity to create a truly special and hilarious piece of branded content. ​​​​​​​