Apollo 11 Command Module landing page

  • Apollo 11 Command Module
    Landing Page

    Format: Special Event Landing Page and 3D Learning Experience
    Date: 2016
    Client: Smithsonian Institution, Digitization Program Office
    Company: Quotient Inc.
    Partners: Autodesk
    Skills & Tech: Client Relations, jQuery, Bootstrap,  Responsive, Branding, Parallax, One Page Design, Banner Ads
    URL: http://3d.si.edu/apollo11cm/

    While working on the redesign of Smithsonian’s 3D Digitization repository, an opportunity presented itself to use our early milestone assets to help promote the recent digitization of the Apollo 11 mission’s Command Module. In conjunction with other marketing efforts celebrating the 47th anniversary of the Apollo mission.
  • Apollo 11 Command Module Interior Virtual Tour
  • The landing page is a one-page scrolling design with a parallax background. In addition to hosting the 3D virtual tours of the command module, the page displays video content embedded from YouTube that explains 3D capture process, as well as the digitization "story" with links to the main press page regarding the 47th anniversary. Of particular interest are the downloadable files that let users view high-resolution renders, raw data, and 3D-print ready assets.

    In order to seize the opportunity to capitalize on the greater marketing efforts of the 47th anniversary, this landing site was designed and built with existing assets from the main 3d.si.edu redesign project, but outside of the existing content management system. The site is built with standard PHP, HTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery, and uses the Bootstrap responsive framework. We also created a responsive banner ad on the existing 3d.si.edu site
  • Scrolling One-Page Lander with parallax background
  • Responsive banner ad on old 3d.si.edu design