Ritual is a Slovak company dealing with distributing and selling wines from various countries from around the world. Portfolio comprises wines mostly from Argentina and Chile. Besides this, Ritual has another project that compiles best of Slovak wines, called Vlastenecký výber. Currently you can buy first edition contains 6 wines from west/ south part of Slovakia. (www.be.net/gallery/35714337/Vlastenecky-vyber)

    Ritual brand concept is built on wine cuttings. Wine cuttings remind natural, organic sculptures created with perfection by the greatest artist itself– nature. Logotype was originally created by ruling pen with indian ink. Special attention was paid to ascenders and descenders to remind playfulness of cuttings. Photos of cuttings were applied on wine menus, with smears in the background created by ink dropping on wet watercolor paper. Together creating deep, artistic visual that make the audience think. These smears are depicted also on back side of the alternative version of business cards. To deliver fine and delicate feel I chose slightly creme, structured paper with bronze/copper foil logo debossing.

    Paper: Arjowiggins Conqueror Bamboo Crema 160–350 gsm
    Finish: Bronze foil debossing

    Photography: Filip Sedláček

    ⓒ All rights reserved. Design by Lukas Vanco. 
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