Goodtype The Book

  • Client : Goodtype Book Contest Entry
    Project Scope : Lettering
    Location : Austin, Texas, USA
    Year : 2015 (published in 2016)
    Curation & Goodtype Logo : Brooke Bucherie
    Design & Layout : Paul Mullen
    Editor : Emily Potts 

    Goodtype is the largest online community in the world, that involves lettering, calligraphy, typography, it's mission is to curate 
    and showcase beautiful letterforms while giving credit where credit is due. Goodtype is starting a scholarship that will aid 
    present and future designers called the Stay Sharp Scholarship.

    Goodtype The Book - Vol1is a 296 page curation of beautiful and eclectic letterforms from 196 artists and designers from 32 countries, it was successfully funded through Kickstarter campaign. Nearly 1200 copies were backed and shipped! 
     Each artist showcases a work in progress sketch and the final piece. The collection encompasses a multitude of lettering styles from hand-lettering, to computer generated 3D-type, to hand painted murals, to traditional calligraphy and more.This book is the ultimate lettering inspiration and reference guide for those seeking to hire letterers and designers.

    It was a real privilege to have been one of the few selected from among thousands to be a part of this wonderful project.
    We are Strength In Letters !

  • My entry for the contest , was based on a song by Mayer Hawthorne called "Back Seat Lover", which reminds me the Drive-In Movie Theatres so popular in in the late 50's and early 60's. My idea was to make a lettering that take us back to those times, so i decided to draw a chubby lettering somehow reminding those decades framed with 2 hearts ❤ (couple), that you just wanna eat it by just looking at. For the fill-in I used red as a color linked to love and lust and between the letters i placed icons related to the theme, like the car, the moon, lips, condoms, male and female symbols, etc.
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