The balloon squad - Branding


    A fear of balloons, often triggered by the ‘popping’ sound, the inflation of size, the smell or touch of the rubber material. 

    The club origin and its story:
    Bill the clown was a famous clown known for his incredible balloon tricks.
    People travelled from all over to see Bill perform and kids loved him.
    Bill had a son named Billy Jr. Billy Jr grew up in the world of fun that his father had created. Many would think Billy Jr was living every child’s dream and he would sometimes learn tricks with his father.
    One day, Billy Jr wanted to impress a girl by gifting her a balloon flower. While he was twisting the balloon to give it shape, 
    it exploded in both their faces with a loud POP! The girl was terrified and Billy Jr wet his pants and was so embarrassed
    he could never face the girl again.
    Ever since, Billy Jr vowed he would never allow himself or anyone to suffer from the terror of balloons again.
    The Balloon Squad was then founded, comprising of a special ops team to contain the balloon disaster near you! 
  • Naming:
    Balloon Squad is taken from the fact that Big Billy (the creator of the club) wanted to eradicate the balloon fear thanks to the strengh of a determined team, trained and focused on balloon disactivation. 
  • Paper plane letterhead:
    Sent to recruits and members with a word from BIG BILLY. 
  • Folding membership card:
    Listing member details such as name, rank and number, as well as the club object
    - the pin - never step out unarmed again! 
    Squad services and recruitement App:
    The App will locate your position and offers you the opportunity to select a balloon battlefield to disactivate. You can see the dead and alive balloons nearby and be part of the squad operations by joining them.