• tattelecom®
  • Tattelecom® - a leader in the communications industry of the Republic of Tatarstan.
    It operates in the telecommunications market since 1998. During this time the company has gained a wealth of experience, having risen from the telephone-telegraph station to the largest service provider, creating an extensive branch network throughout Tatarstan.
    Today "Tattelecom" - is a stable company and a reliable operator Tatarstan wired telecommunications.
  • Quotes
    Terms of use state that the quotation marks are used to isolate individual words, if they are included in the text is not in its normal meaning, used ironically, offered for the first time or, on the contrary, as the antiquated...
    Rules are written something for everyone, a man in each case have the right to choose:
    whether you want to draw the reader's attention to the unusual words, whether or not to put irony?
    And most importantly, if you put the irony, then execute it quotes or not?
    Here's the point: man in communication due to the quotes given complete freedom of action is how to speak.
    And so they help people with diverse backgrounds, experience, and even between the different layers society understand each other. In a nutshell promote compassionate communication. What is the main mission of the company.

    The new slogan, developed just to meet the specific mission set by the company.
  • Art direction and design: Radmir Volk 
    Project Type: Branding

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