KRUDD Body, shave and shampoo

  • SallyeAnder's new premium men's skincare line is being launched this month. The product line consists primarily of seven exquisitely scented skincare bars. The scents are masculine, strong and just a bit unconventional.
    To capture the spirit we've used textured urban gray paper which we have balanced with neon-toned engraving. The inherent opacity of engraving inks allowed us to reproduce bright colors with the bonus of a great tactile experience for the customer.
    The line is simple, uncomplicated and fashionable. One bar can effectively be used for body, shave and shampoo.
    The design elements are similarly uncomplicated. Components included: development of the logotype, abstract K symbol, seven bar labels that highlight the essential oils, balm packaging, promotional postcard, small signs, web graphics, social media icons and an interactive handout for trade shows.
    The interactive handout is a favorite element. Approximately the size of a bar of soap, it has a utilitarian matchbook-style binding. This allowed us to insert eight neon sheets of paper with simple black digital printing to create a memorable piece. The papers correspond with the engraving colors from the labels. The eighth page is for KRUDD balm. The outside, printed on the same urban gray paper as the bar labels is digitally printing with white ink.
    Product photos by Eva Deitch Photography.