Wilson Website Design

  • Wilson Website Layout
    Client: Wilson   www.iWilson.com
  • The redesign of Wilson’s out-of-date website took the consideration of design layout, content flow and navigation, for best display of services, and product offerings. Site objectives include: 
    ·      Provide current and clear content
    ·      Guide customers to take action
    ·      Consistency in content tone and display design
    ·      E-commerce solutions for online product sales
    ·      Establish internal contacts for best and quick inquiry follow-up
  • Home Page Layout
  •  Main & Sub Page Layout
  • Key Buttons & Graphics
  • Online Store Page Layout
  • Online Store Layout>
  • Key Buttons & Graphics
  • _____________________________________________________________________________________
  • The following screen shots show the original site 
    design before upgrades were made.
  • Original Home Page, Online Store Page and Content Page Layout