World News Group: Whose World Book

  • In 2009, a new vision was taking shape at World News Group: to grow from a medium-centric magazine to a message-centric news organization that could thrive in the 21st century. To bring this vision to life, they needed capital, and to highlight their 501c3 status as a nonprofit. WNG approached me to help them devise a promotional tool that would empower their business development team and spur potential donors into action.
    I proposed a small book entitled Whose World?. As a Christian organization, these two questions went hand in hand. We combed through nearly a decade of back issues to find distinctive quotes and arresting images. These editorial snapshots were paced with essays written by World Magazine’s publisher, Nick Eicher (WNG’s current Chief Content Officer), describing where the organization had been and where they wanted to go.
  • A visual theme of navigation is found throughout: From the foil-stamped cover with artwork inspired by astronomical diagrams, to a topographic pattern printed inside the gatefolds and several NASA-inspired conceptual illustrations.
    The book was printed on three different paper stocks with vibrant images. News images came in all shapes and sizes, and the excerpts needed to be legible no matter what. To achieve that goal, we used a premium silver ink that jumps off the page and can be read against any background. We paired images for pleasing juxtapositions or provocative contrast.
    The result is both intimate and inspiring. This book proved helpful as key donors joyfully gave substantial support. Over the course of several years, the dream became a reality. Today, World News Group is driven by a vibrant web-based platform, allowing them to publish a steady stream of news while continuing to develop longer story arcs and commentary in the biweekly magazine.